IT & Security Solutions


Professional Aviation Services

We can supply IT solutions and equipment. We can also provide customized software and hardware solutions as per the clients requirements.

We have a professional software and computer engineering team that can develop a solution based on the clients exact specifications. We also specialize in Security and Surveillance Equipment. We can design a solution based on the clients specifications and provide setup along with after sales services.

Please feel free to contact us for any of the following requirements:

Camera Systems Day/ Night / Thermal / 360
Security Scanners
Signal Jammers / Blockers
Customized Software on any platform
IED detectors
Cyber security systems
Electronic warfare systems
Electronic Surveillance intercept systems
Wide area dynamic spectrum and signal monitoring networks
Outdoor radio mounting kit and antennas
Hand held night vision devices
Helmet mounted Night Vision Systems for ground troops
Helmet mounted Night Vision Goggles for helicopter aircrew.
FLIR Cameras
Radar Based Security Systems
Bomb proof suits
Mechanized Field Support Equipment
Mobile Hospitals
Anti Drone Systems
Parameter Surveillance and Detection System