THREOD KX-4 LE Titan Introduction


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We are authorized Sales Representatives for THREOD Systems in Pakistan and can deliver the amazing KX-4 LE for use by various organizations.

KX-4 LE TITAN (Long Endurance) is a heavy-lift multi-rotor with multiple payload options. It is a perfect tool for surveillance, rescue and law enforcement missions.

Vertical Take-off and Landing capability is crucial in urban and restricted terrain environments, and missions that cannot be completed using speedy fixed-wing aircrafts. Threod Systems offers VTOL UAV solutions for specific tasks and restricted locations to support critical missions. All of the Threod Systems’ multi-rotors use proprietary autopilot and gimbal solutions in order to provide fully integrated solutions and efficient life cycle management.

In addition to surveillance and information gathering missions, Threod Systems offers multi-payload heavy-lift multi-rotor solution that are able to carry optical gimbals, life saving equipment, riot control payloads, loudspeakers, LIDAR sensors, aerial mapping payloads and many more. By purchasing Threod Systems’ multi-rotors the customer maintains flexibility to use multiple types of payloads and solve many problems using a single UAV.



Enhanced Situational Awareness for Police, Guard & Rescue Services, First Responders.


6.1 kg lift capability

Long endurance

Fully autonomous or first-person view flight modes

Multiple plug & play payload options

Emergency parachute

Detachable booms and landing gear for easy packing


AES-256 encrypted telemetry and imagery

Command and Control

Handheld or Fixed Ground Control Station


Remote Video TerminalSTANAG 4609 compliant KLV metadata

Technical details 



11 kg


1180mm x 1180mm x 490mm

Lift capacity

6 kg

Optimal airspeed

8 m/s

Flight time

Up to 45 min

Dual EO/IR sensor

EO: 30x zoom / 2x digital, IR: 640 x 512, 35mm lens

Aerial mapping payload

24MP, Less than 2cm/px, Plug & Play payload


AES-256 encryption, Up to 5km LOS


720p HD live streaming, KLV metadata, Reporting tool, Selectable recording


THREOD KX-4 LE TITAN Multi-rotor Surveillance UAV